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Our People

  • One of the reasons why I love being part of Studioworks family is the amazing opportunity the company has given me for growth. I started my journey at Studioworks over 2 years ago and with that short amount of time I have had the chance to work in so many positions. I started as a Game presenter, and within a few months, I was noticed and offered to become a Back-Up Floor Manager. Shortly after, I was offered to become Floor Manager and a Team Leader. Today I am already in the Recruiter position. During this time I have gained so much knowledge in interpersonal communication, team leading and recruitment. Another thing I love here at Studioworks is the people. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, I never felt like I had no one to go to. Here help is always around the corner.



  • Having been an employee at Studioworks for the past two years, I am delighted to be part of such a friendly and multicultural team. During this time, I have had the opportunity to meet interesting people from different cultural backgrounds, as well as share my own with others. I really appreciate that our company has created a supportive communication climate, honesty and trust between all employees and that anyone can express their opinion in order to enhance the effectiveness of the team at work. When I first joined Studioworks, I started my career as a Game Presenter. I was a student at the time and actively looking for an opportunity to start working in the field of IT. After working as a Game Presenter for a while, I applied for the IT Monitoring position when a vacancy arose, seeing it as an opportunity to grow. Today I work as an IT Monitoring Specialist, which I very much enjoy.


    IT Monitoring Specialist

  • Initially I started my journey at Studioworks as a Game Presenter. Since then, I've gained a lot of incredible friends, developed better communication skills, increased my creativity, and overcame my fear of trying new things. People at Studioworks have always supported me, assisted me with help, and provided me with useful feedback, so that I can continue to improve and grow. Thanks to Studioworks I've had the chance to improve my makeup skills, English language proficiency, interpersonal communication, and most importantly, advance my career. After 4 months of being a Game Presenter, I got an opportunity to grow in the company. I was promoted to a Floor Manager position which gave me an opportunity to have and lead my own team. I truly love my job and the people I work with. I am very proud of my team, and I adore them dearly, and I am always happy to help them and see them grow. Since I joined Studioworks I have become happier and more confident in myself. I’m so grateful to Studioworks for who I am now. I appreciate every opportunity this company offers me. I believe I have more to learn here, and I eagerly await the next steps!


    Floor Manager/ Team Lead

  • I can honestly say that joining Studioworks was the best choice I've made. Working here has helped me change my mindset for the better and I have become much happier, thanks to my kind and caring co-workers. I have definitely made lifelong friends here. The work schedule is comfortable, and the workload is flexible. The best part about Studioworks is that you can be a student and still work here at the same time.


    Game Presenter


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